Leadership at Wenty

We have a number of different groups of people providing Leadership in our Church and they would love to hear from you if they can in an appropriate way.

Rick is married to Jo and they have 4 children, Joel, Ashton, Alexis and Cohen. They have been serving at Wentworthville since January 2013.


Ricks passion is for community and relationships that lead to a greater fulfilment in life. He sees this ultimately being achieved through a rellationship with Jesus. 


Having boxed for 15 years Rick understands the challenge, discipline and resilience to effectively navigate faith and life. Knowing many of the challenges that face the community he is available for a chat during normal business hours on 0412 873604. 



Pastor Rick Mumford

Glennis Mills and Ron Syme are Elders and they foucs on supporting the pastors in visitation and support of pastoral and spiritual matters.

Associate Pastor

This position is currently vacant

Our Deacons are nominated and elected by the membership to provide administration oversight on the direction, activities of the Church. They generally serve 2 year terms and then the position is opened and they are eligible for nomination and election again should they wish to continue and the membership agrees.