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What We Believe

Our Core Values

To be God’s family here at Wentworthville Baptist Church we hold to the following core values;


1. The Bible


The Bible is God’s Word for all of life and it is the foundation for our preaching and teaching.


2. Prayer


We are changed through prayer and together in prayer we discover God’s will and directions.


3. Fellowship


Together as the family of God we form His community for witness, ministry and service.


4. Evangelism


Having been lost and only saved through Grace, our mission is to take the Good News to the local community and the whole world.


5. Social Needs


Following Christ in servant hood, we will be relevant to the needs of people with mercy and justice.


6. Leadership - Unity


Under God’s Grace, in all things we will be united in love, to help all find, and support all to use; their gifts to the glory of God.


7. Worship


As servants we will give of ourselves in appropriate, vibrant worship to God our Creator, Christ our Saviour and the Holy Spirit our Counsel

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